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High ROI

ROI Return on Investment business bar chartNo matter what type of marketing you do, getting the highest return on your investment is essential. SEO has one of the highest ROIs compared to any other type of online marketing. In fact, a study conducted across B2B and B2C marketers revealed that 71% of companies found SEO to be one of the most cost effective investments they made.

Low Cost Per Impression

One of the reasons the ROI is so high with search engine optimization is that the cost per impression is very low compared to display ads and even PPC. Even though SEO takes time to increase rankings, being in the top 3 positions in Google will generate the lion share of impressions and clicks in search engines with a relatively low initial cost.

High Conversion

Not only does SEO allow you to generate low cost impressions for your monthly SEO budget, you do not have to pay for each click like you would PPC. Beyond that, however, is the high conversion rate of SEO. Sydney businesses will be able to increase their click-through and conversion rates with SEO even though the impression cost is extremely low.

Complete Campaign Analysis

Perhaps the best part of an SEO campaign is that every aspect of the campaign can be analyzed by your chosen SEO Company in Sydney. This allows you to pinpoint specific areas that can be tweaked and modified to boost your ROI and increase your visibility without increasing your costs.

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